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Common Questions

Who is Model Concepts

Model Concepts is a team of innovators on a mission to reimagine the home renovation experience and provide a streamlined, fully-managed renovation service.
Our team's background brings years of experience from the real estate and construction industries to our new take on the residential renovation industry. 
From working directly with the world's best brands in building materials as partners and distributors for over 20 years to developing residential real estate projects. Our vast experience gives us an unfair advantage. 

Is Model Concepts a general licensed contractor?

Yes, we are. As part of our renovation experience, we have the perfect vetted contractors, subcontractors, and trades. We've chosen partners who adhere to our high construction standards while also understanding the unique aspects of their communities, such as local regulations and management company relationships.

How does Model Concepts help me with the renovation process?

To drive efficiencies and give you peace of mind while being on autopilot throughout the renovation project, we combine technology with a unique build process. At Model Concepts, we connect the dots between design, architecture, permitting, and contractors so everyone is aligned to deliver the project of your dreams on time and within budget.

How much does construction cost?

Construction costs vary depending on many factors. Size of the project, the extent, and length of work that needs to be done, and where your home is located. 
Construction costs for Bathrooms can start for as low as $10k and a large master bathroom can be up to $40k. Kitchens can start for as low as $20K and can be up to $70k.

Does someone come in for an inspection?

Our Design Operations Manager will visit your home to verify the details of your project and take final measurements before ordering materials. This typically takes place after your first design consultation.

Can I see the materials in person?

Absolutely! our Designers can bring samples to you during the site inspection and after design finalization, or you can coordinate a visit to our offices to inspect samples with your Project Planner. Alternatively, you’re welcome to visit our suppliers' showrooms. 

Is my deposit refundable?

Yes, it is. Our customer's deposits go straight towards the job and are fully refundable until the design session. If you meet with one of our designers and go through the design process before asking for a refund, then you would lose the deposit. This covers the initial hours and works our team invests in your project.

Do I need a permit for my MC Reno?

Most of the projects don't require a permit. In the case of moving load-bearing walls or drain lines then getting a permit is required. Your dedicated project planner will help you determine if a permit is required.

Can I share my own inspiration images with my designer?

Of course, you can! We love to see our valued customers expressing their different styles. We’re always excited to incorporate your feedback, ideas, and pre-existing preferences (Pinterest boards!)

Who are Model Concepts Contractors?

Model Concepts works with a network of vetted, local contractors that are licensed, insured, and meet our rigorous quality standards. 

Thoroughly Vetted
Our Contractor network goes through a vigorous vetting process with a 20% acceptance rate. We visit current and completed job sites, talk to past clients, and ensure that only the highest quality contractors are in our network.

Our contractors are required to be fully licensed and insured to work in all different types of projects. If your project has specific insurance requirements please reach out to your Project Planner to make sure those are captured in your project proposal. When you work with our Contractors you also receive a 1-year workmanship warranty.

How does MC find their contractors?

At MC, we have a designated team that works on vetting the best and most qualified contractors, we check up on their previous experience, and look at their previous work history. We visit current and completed job sites, talk to past clients, and ensure that only the highest quality contractors are in our network. It's not always easy finding good people, but that is why we are here for you.

Are MC prices firm or could there be extra costs?

Our quotes are very detailed and the prices within them are firm. However, with any home renovation, there are occasionally unexpected costs that occur once a project has started. Our team keeps in mind the original budget discussed and we will always discuss extra charges before proceeding.